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WordPress SEO 101

WordPress is not just a blogging platform these days. It’s a complete Content Management System (CMS) that will allow users to build pretty much any type of website imaginable using various plugins and themes.
One of the big problems with WordPress, however, is its serious lack of native SEO. It has only basic SEO functionality, and the rest must be taken care of manually.
There are myriad plugins available for WordPress SEO, but none of them will handle 100% of the optimization for your site. They also work differently and have different functions, so choosing the right one can be tricky.
In this guide, you’re going to learn about the basics of setting up your WordPress for optimal search engine optimization, and how you can make sure your blog or site is set up with the basic foundation of proper SEO. We’ll take a look at popular plugins, methods you can use to optimize your site, tools you can use, and more.
So let’s begin.
WordPress SEO 101
Basics of SEO
Before you begin working on SEO for your WordPress website, it’s important to understand basic SEO principles as they apply to all websites and that should apply for many years to come.
Remember that SEO does evolve and change over time. It used to be that simply stuffing your keyword over and over on a page (sometimes in text the same color as the background so visitors would not see it) could help you rank on the first page of pretty much any search engine.
But search engine algorithms have gotten much smarter and much more complex. And this will continue to happen as time goes on. You need to prepare for that and keep evolving with the search engines.
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What Is SEO

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